Don’t just take Amy’s word for it

from Satvika Karan

“This testimonial is for Amy McCrohon as she has been an inspirational energy that helped me to transform my current life.

Amy entered my life while I was at my lowest. I was in a tumultuous relationship and becoming more and more depressed daily in my life. I had developed a real lack of drive to do anything. This is when Amy and I met at work and she became a positive role model in my life.

She encouraged me to become more motivated, reduce my anxieties and train my thought process in general wellbeing. She was able to convince this obese woman, me, to be able to walk the “red arrow” (stair training) bushwalking track daily and eat the cleanest she ever had in her life.

During this period, she became “my guiding light” and my own personal wellness coach. She stayed with me through this process and we met daily at work and trained daily after work.

Amy helped me build focus and believe in myself and to keep moving. She would say it’s not exercise, it’s training to better your own self. During low moments she would stimulate my emotional intelligence and develop my knowledge and skills about living a healthier/ cleaner/ greener way of life.

This allowed me to develop much confidence in my day to day life as I continued to lose over 20kgs in just under 6 months and also quit smoking and reduce drinking.

Amy’s way of sifting through the motions, layer by layer, helped me gain perspective and really got me excited. This is when the belief system kicked in that I can do anything that I set my mind to.

As a result of this positive interaction with Amy, when I moved back to Brisbane, I followed my inner passions and became a yoga instructor to keep my life plan and help better myself and others. Now I can help vulnerable and challenged souls to achieve their dreams.

I can definitely recommend Amy as an excellent coach! A person who will surely empathise, develop and encourage any person to be the best that they can be.”